Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Bryan Walters might not get the spotlight Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns receive, but that doesn’t mean he’s not deserving of some. So we invited him on Helmets and Heels and while we called him a “tiny little slot receiver” and someone with “good hands” we meant both of those statements in a positive, innocent manner.

Coming out of Cornell University, Walters went undrafted before the San Diego Chargers picked him up in 2010. After a couple stints with the Vikings and Seahawks, the Jaguars signed Walters in March of 2015 and even as a third option for QB Blake Bortles, he’s made an impression as a trusted target with great hands.

I mean, just look at these hands:

Walters is also tough. As in “I might get my face ripped off but I’m getting that first down” tough. His impact has been felt on the field so much that it reminds cohost Donna Murphy of a certain other team—the New England Patriots. Having a similar build and tenacity, Murphy feels if used correctly, Walters could turn out to be the Julian Eldeman and Wes Welker of the Jaguars; Hence her “tiny little slot receiver” comment.

Outside of football, Walters was great on the show and showed some real personality throughout all of our weird questions to include the infamous, “Is a hot dog a sandwich?” Which has now been answered by Ryan Davis, Josh Evans and Allen Robinson.

In addition to Walters, we have our usual “I’m sorry for what I said when the Jaguars lost” chatter plus our studs and duds of the week.

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Intro: Recapping the status a sham of a bet we set earlier in the season on the Jaguars record.
10:29– Jenn with Dream Finders Homes
20:52– Studs of the week
26:11– Duds of the week
43:30– Jaguars WR Bryan-With-A-Y Walters joins the show