“It’s damn near impossible for a man to turn down sex . . . . It’s easy for women to turn down sex . . . . Y’all like, “Why can’t you turn it down? I do it all the time. Why can’t you say ‘no’? I say ‘no.’” See, it’s easy for y’all. You know why? ‘Cause every woman in here, ever since you were 13 every guy you met has been trying to f*ck you. That’s right. Women are offered d*ck every day. Every woman in here gets offered d*ck at least three times a week. Three times a day, shit!” –Chris Rock

It’s because of this  that women have resorted to wearing fake engagement rings, pretending to have a lesbian lover, and now this; stockings that make your legs look hairy.

“Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out” is how the product is described on a popular Chinese micro blogging site.

I get the point of them, but no way would 99% of girls actually wear these things because of the amount of guys hitting on you.

Unless they have an over-protective father who requires the girl to wear them before going out.

chinese hairy leg stockings

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