When I think of a “Guy’s Girl”, the image of a dramatic mean-girl is the last thing I would envision the female readers of this site. But from reading a recent article on the popular website College Candy, you would think that’s exactly who we are.

Well I’m here to tell you exactly what a GuysGirl is and why the lazy stereotypes are completely inaccurate…

In the article titled “Girls who Hate Guy’s Girls”, examples are given as to why some girls don’t like other girls who happen to have typical guy interests.

While I find some of the examples given a bit tact, others have nothing to do with how a GuysGirl acts, but rather how a “normal girl” is expected to act by others.

Myth #1 GuysGirls hate regular girls

This is probably the biggest misconception. Typical readers of this site happen to enjoy sports but also happen to be female. Since the majority of sports fans still are considered male, naturally those females converse more with males about it.

It has nothing to do with hate. Side question, in a world filled females like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, what is considered a “regular girl” anymore?

Myth #2 Regular Girls feel threatened by GuysGirls

Personally, I have a group of about 10 female friends who are all sports fans. We tailgate together, make Jag clothes together and we try to have our guys tag along. We help each other out with stats and Fantasy Football questions, as typical guy friends would do.

Most GuysGirls that I know are MORE than happy to encourage other female friends to take part in their passion. Whether it’s hunting, working on cars, going to sporting events etc…most girls already familiar with these activities actually welcome other girls with open arms to share in that passion.

Feeling threatened by another girl just because she has a passion for a “typical guy thing” only speaks to your own insecurities.

Myth #3 Guys are less dramatic so that’s why GuysGirls hang out with them more

This one in particular irks me as the #GuysGirl Twitter feed has numerous mentions from girls with comments along the lines of “I only hang out with guys because they are less drama”.

To which I say, horse sh*t.

You hang out with only guys because you love the attention. Guys can be just as dramatic as a girl can and for a female to say that about other girls is just so tragic.

To these ladies who call themselves a GuysGirl, you couldn’t be further from the truth and chances are, if you don’t have any female friends, you might need to look in the mirror as to who the dramatic one is.

As someone who has had genuine friendships with both sexes, the bond I have with my female friends doesn’t even come close to the friendships I’ve had with guys who aren’t blood related to me.

Charlotte from Sex and the City once said “”Maybe we (female group of  friends) can be each other’s soul mates, and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with.”

Final Takeaway

A “GuysGirl” cannot be summed up into a few wide-spread characteristics. We are football fans, gaming addicts, super hero lovers, hunters, car freaks etc…

It will never just be one thing, it’s simply a female who has a passion for something that tradition has taught us is a “guys deal”. Some ladies start a young age while others grow a passion for it later on in life.

While it’s disheartening to think that some girls feel threatened by us, in the end, it’s not our problem. Because “regular girls” have just as much access to the internet to learn about these “guys things” as everyone else does. And if you don’t want to learn, then so be it.

But refusing to be friendly with a GuysGirl based on a few misconceptions only makes you look foolish in the end and robs you of a potential genuine life-long friendship.