How soon would you expect a guy to support his girlfriend’s sports team by jumping on the bandwagon? The latest Helmets and Heels discusses just that and the responses may surprise you.

An interesting topic was started on this week’s show where girls and guys were asked if they would support their significant others favorite team if they didn’t have a dog in the race. And the answers you hear are surprising.

Along with this topic, we talk NFL Divisional round breakdown, OT rules, studs and duds of the week, AFC-NFC Championship Game preview and so much more. Listen to the latest show below…


7:56- Recapping NFL Divisional Playoffs, upcoming Championship Games and OT Rules
26:35- Studs and Duds of the week
36:56- Continuing our duds of the week and John Scott’s NHL All Star Game snub
47:21- Would you root for your girlfriend’s favorite sports team?
53:05- Our NFL playoff bet update
56:12- Fox News hosts dress like hookers? Oh.
58:05- Sarah the Seahawks fan and her rant against “Classless Cam” Newton
01:09: 07- Previewing the NFC and AFC Championship Games