The final “Full House” episode aired almost 19 years ago, depriving the world of the corniest comedy that your 90’s self was addicted to. But last night on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” the men of “Full House” reunited and made all of our adolescent memories come flooding back in a tacky-dressed tidal wave.

Bob Saget, David Coulier, and John Stamos appeared in the opening of “The Late Show,” reprising their characters, Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Uncle Jesse, to offer some advice to an anxious Fallon, who will soon be taking over, “The Tonight Show.”

Danny, Jesse and Joey haven’t lost their touch in comforting through crisis and sang Elvis’ “Teddy Bear” to Fallon as he sat in a look-a-like big kid bed of Michelle Tanner’s.

The guys also included their awesome one-liners: Joey’s, “Cut. It. Out,” and Jesse’s, “Have mercy.” And, yes, Uncle Jesse’s skintight rocker vest and leather pants will still make you doodle “Mrs. Katsopolis” all over your notebooks.

Buzz has been going around for years about fans wanting a Full House reunion and this isn’t the first glimpse of the boys back together. They were also recently featured in a Dannon Oikos ad that Uncle Jesse…I mean, John Stamos…is the spokesperson of.

The “Full House” skit provided a hilarious perfect pick-me-up for the soon-to-be parting Fallon.

Full House Guys Reunite on Fallon