If you take a look around a typical office, chances are you’ll be able to spot a fancy looking water bottle with what looks like fresh fruit inside of it.

This fruit water trend is one that’s been sweeping Pinterest like a 50% sale at IKEA.

But is fruit water just prettier to look at than a regular old water bottle? How is fruit water made? And does it offer legitimate health benefits?

Read on to find all about the infused fruit water trend….

Are There Any Health Benefits?

Fruit smoothie recipes, fruit fruit water recipes, fruit infused, detox, diets that work

Most people are turning to fruit water because it spices up boring old water. And almost everyone who’s started drinking fruit water, finds themselves drinking a lot more water than they had before.

Drinking more water helps you feel fuller more quickly, flushes out your system, makes for great skin and is a heck of a lot better for you than drinking processed sugary drinks.

While it’s mixed results on if some of these recipes that claim extreme weight loss are valid, everyone knows drinking more water is a very good thing, it’s just not a miracle cure-all.


Fruit smoothie recipes, fruit fruit water recipes, fruit infused, detox, diets that work

While I’m a firm believer in mixing whatever the hell sounds good into my fruit water, there are plenty of people out there who’ve crafted up recipes to not only include fruit, but also fresh herbs and vegetables too.

To take your recipes to the next level, tying using DIY tea infusers to come up with your own concoctions that allow for the smallest of herbs without it getting everywhere.

–8 Different Water Fruit Infused Recipes (these all sound really good!)

–What to do with all that leftover fruit? Try out some smoothie recipes and enjoy a different twist on the fruit you’re already buying.

— 12 Fruit Water Recipes

And just in case you don’t feel like clicking those links, here’s a picture found on Pinterest, but unfortunately no original source for this was given where we might find more.


What You’ll Need to Get Started

Fruit smoothie recipes, fruit fruit water recipes, fruit infused, detox, diets that work

So of you’ve read this far, then clearly you’d like to hop on this bandwagon. The best part about drinking fruit water is that you don’t have to get much, just a couple glass water bottles and some sliced fruit that you prefer.

Voss water bottles (which are the fancy glass ones sold at places like Target) seem to be the popular choice. A basic mason jar works just as well.

But if you decide to take it a step further, you can purchase bottles and pitchers that have built in filters, making drinking the water a lot easier than fruit hitting your mouth while trying to drink.

*Bonus tip*

Take any of these recipes and use a small muffin pan to freeze both the fruit and a bit of water. Once frozen, these can be thrown into a drink at any time, and ensures the fresh fruit lasts a lot longer than just sitting in your fridge.

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