Helmets and Heels were live on location where an interesting debate about dumb baseball terms was started that led to an intense Twitter debate.

This week’s Helmets and Heels show started off so nice. We talked March Madness, interviewed Jaguars center Luke Bowanko and even hit on our studs and duds of the week.

But when we started talking baseball walk-up songs, it all went to hell.

It was this topic that led to “let’s teach Amanda some baseball terminology before her first Spring Training road trip.”

As the resident baseball fans, Donna and I didn’t want to teach the meaning of RBI’s because that makes for terrible radio. But Lauren threw out the term “oppo” and this is when we learned about a secret club for baseball terminology that we’ve never been invited to.

After arguing about the legitimacy of the term, the next day the topic turned into a Twitter debate where my mentions were left in shambles.

As someone who grew up 5-minutes from a ballpark where my dad served as the president and my mom ran the concessions, we’ve been around baseball my entire life. I played softball for years while my brother took up little league and the constant remained our dad as the coach.

Therefore, I went to the man who’s taught me (mostly) everything I’ve ever wanted to know about baseball. Even he has never heard of it!

After a couple hours of debate and the terms “oppo taco” and “oppo mammo” added to the list of “let’s complicate opposite field even more,” I’m convinced this is a relatively new term used in the dugout and typically withheld during game broadcasts.

I guess I was wrong that is an uncommon term. Should I mention I hate being wrong? Whatever. Here’s the rest of the show.

Highlights from the show

Intro– March Madness chatter

11:35– Studs and Duds

26:42– Adam LaRoche and the ridiculousness of leaving $13M on the table because your kid can’t come into the locker room.

35:04– Where the baseball argument allllll started

42:05– Jaguars C Luke Bowanko joins the show and talks free agency moves and answers tough questions like, “Is a hotdog a sandwich,” “How many chicken nuggets can you eat in an hour” and “Who’s your favorite Disney Princess.”

01:12:18 Jacksonville Dixie Blues joins the show to talk about the Women’s Football League

01:18:52– When idiots are allowed a microphone


Photography via Marcel Robinson