OZ the Great and Powerful movie review

Exotic flowers, flying monkeys, and tornado debris, oh my.

Don’t miss the chance to watch this one in 3D. With plenty of shots tailored to make you feel like you’re part of the movie, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t choose the 3D version in the first place.

Beyond the 3D, the movie was inherently primed for fantastic things. But did it actually live up to the musings?

It’s surely a movie that plays into the canon of the original Wizard of Oz.

Which also means that if The Wizard of Oz was a little too cornball for you, odds are you’ll get this same fuzzy feeling from Oz The Great and Powerful whether you want it or not.

I enjoyed the beginning, which takes on a old timey look, as much as I did the rest of TGaP in all it’s visual splendor and beautiful acting.

The actresses who played the witches did a wonderful job of bringing vibrancy to their respective characters.

Mila Kunis let’s you fall in love and keep that memory as her story progresses into what is a revelation for those who don’t know the witches names.

Although, at times I was thinking “Shutup Meg“. Sorry, it’s a Family Guy thing.

Michelle Williams is such a sweetheart and she makes her role a believable and lovable one. Again, not knowing the witches names can create twists, especially with her role.

Rachel Weisz rounds out the three witches with a solid performance. I wondered how far they would take her story and I feel like they had more to give, but it may have taken from the overall experience.

There could not have been a better way to develop the wizard himself then what we get here.

oz the great and powerful character

All of his elements are explored, explained, and exploited. James Franco(Spiderman, Pineapple Express) gives us a great depiction of the wizard and his style of acting lends credence to the role.

Anyone who’s seen the original knows that the wizard was just a man with a machine. But if you don’t watch TGaP, you’ll never know how that man winds up fooling not only the people of Oz, but the wicked witch as well.

You’ll also never know why he’s so important to the land of Oz. The theme boasts that to be truly great, you don’t have to be like the great ones that came before you.
Oz The Great and Powerful lies within that perspective.
After the movie, the comments I heard ranged from “Dude, I couldn’t stay awake” to “My mom is going to LOVE this”. I find it funny to hear from the people who didn’t like TGaP, or any movie really, because their complaints are often imbedded with mild complexes. “Dude, I fell asleep” equates to “Dude, I’m not telling you I liked that movie because you might think I’m a softy.”
Oz TGaP  may not live up to what you wanted from it and may not give you what you felt you needed in a back story. But it did for me. And it may for you too.
It’s tough for these types of flicks to get past the audience knowing what’s better for it, those fans being the reason it came into production.
However, let yourself enjoy the various ingredients that make this concoction a powerful one. It has everything it needs to leave you more than satisfied.
Just don’t ruin it thinking you could’ve done it better.

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