all hockey flow team

Hockey hair is something that can be a fabulous thing on a man playing in the NHL. Which is why when I heard about a video containing a top ten list of the best hockey hair an instant mouse click to check out further.

Only I was a bit creeped out when I discovered this video created by Pulltab Productions actually featured high school boys.

The man doing the voice overs only seems to heighten the creep factor. When describing the players hair, he uses the terms “moist”, “caterpillar mustache”, “he wants me to do slow motion” and “kind of Tarzan here. Real nice”. Keep in mind these are high school boys.


The same guy who does the voice over ends the video by using a hair dryer that he taped up with hockey tape as a stick and hits a “puck” of hair cream around hinting that he might be spending a little too much time checking out the hair on highschool boys.

Puck Daddy describes the annual tradition as “All-Hockey Hair Team for the Minnesota tournament that draws the attention and admiration of the hockey community”. In which case if this is such a great tradition, perhaps they should rethink who’s shooting the promo video for it.