The Buffalo Bills ground game didn’t have the best start of the season, but they showed they have other ways to get it done. After all, the Indianapolis Colts held LeSean McCoy to just 41 yards on 17 carries, something that you would think spelled trouble for the Bills.

But Tyrod Taylor was almost perfect, even though only four of his passes went over 10 yards in the air. They stayed true to their offense, running 36 times against 19 passes. It was only Week 1 and the Colts probably aren’t as good as advertised but Rex Ryan seems to have them taking on his personality and possibly improving their defense from last year. They absoulty manhandled Andrew Luck & Co.



I’ve talked about it before and now some of those guys he gave another chance through have made an early mark. Percy Harvin was their leading receiver with 79 yards and a touchdown. Karlos Williams led them in rushing with 55 yards on 6 carries with a 26-yard score. The low risk moves to pick up controversial players has already made an impact.

The offense, which featured a trio of backs and a running quarterback, was very similar to what Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers do. Taking your occasional shots downfield but using the power running game mostly. That’s because Greg Roman, the Niners old offensive coordinator is now a member of the Bills. Short passes and screens were used a lot, McCoy thrives there and he had 46 yards through the air. It’s real early, but he could be the perfect coordinator for what Ryan is doing. Taylor added 41 yards on the ground as well. Their two stars in McCoy and Watkins were quiet but Taylor made timely big plays.

The offense won’t always move like that, especially without a lot of ground success but the defense and mostly the secondary will carry the team. They’re going to get another test with Brady and the Pats coming to town and they were quick to pick of the tradition of Ryan’s teams talking a lot about the Patriots before they play. Marcell Dareus said this week that the Patriots attitude and how they play makes him dislike them.

The only difference this year verse other Rex Belicheck games is the Bills offense might actually be a threat. We’ll see.