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Closing in at almost 3,000 articles, we thought we would create a page that feature the articles YOU loved the most. While we have news posted daily to keep you updated around the sports and entertainment world, most of our best work lies in the special features by our talented writers that have grown with GuysGirl throughout the few short years that we have been on the scene.

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5.8 Million Women Are Playing Fantasy Football and That Number Looks to Grow

Is the NFL’s Outreach Getting Better? Women’s Clubs, Fashion, Social Media and more…

Dating Season is officially open!

How I Ridiculously Decided to Become a Fan of the Georgia Bulldogs

Can the NFL Grow the Female Fan Base Without Women In the Front Office?

2012 All Girl’s Fantasy Football Draft

Victoria’s Secret Debuts Sexy New Lineup of College and NFL Clothes

Girls Who Only Hang Out With Guys Because It’s “Less Drama” Are Ridiculous.

4 Things to Know If You Want to Date a Female Football Fan

Football Heels: Sexy or Hot Mess?

What to Get Your Guy for Valentine’s Day Even If You’re Not Official

Bridesmaids is the Vulgar Movie Women Have Waited a Lifetime to See

Can a woman be too much of a sports fan?

Jaguars Become 7th Team In the NFL To Add Official Women’s Club

The Great Pink Debate: Is it Ever Ok to Wear To a Sporting Event?

Dating For Single Female Sports Fans Is Harder Than You Think

6 Alternatives for Ladies to Combat the PurseBan

NFL Bans Purses Larger Than The Size of Your Hand At All Games

A Successful Girls Night Out in Gifs

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GuysGirl’s State of the NFL Female Fan- Leadership, Fantasy Football & the NFL’s Efforts (or lack there-of)

The Myth of the Major Championship in Golf

Miami Has the Worst Owners In Sports

“I’ll Never Play for Another Coach”: A Football Life with Tom Coughlin

Please Stop Getting Married During Football Season

13 Songs Sports Has Ruined

Travel Tips for NFL Fans Headed to London

Why You Should Care About the NFL Draft

If You’re QB Was a Superhero, Which One Would He Be?

How To Start Your Own Fantasy Football League

Spy Gadgets Bill Belichick is Probably Using and the Rest Of the NFL Should Too

If You’re MLB Team Was a Ninja Turtle, Which One Would He Be?

Sportscaster Gus Johnson Helps A Fellow Comrade Find His Mojo

How Corporate America is Ruining Sports

The Infinite Sports Movie List

How Deane Beman Turned the PGA and THE PLAYERS Into Golf Powerhouses


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Which Was Worse: Star Wars Episode One or Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

PS4: Everything you need to know about Sony’s next gaming console

Your Favorite Ninja Turtle Reveals Your Personality Type

What happened to the prizes in cereal boxes?

Lois Griffin Is the Funniest Female Character in TV History

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal: Why Home Alone is Still Fantastic After All These Years

Top 6 Things From the Royal Wedding We Adored

Are Handhelds a Dying Breed?

How Star Wars and Star Trek Molded the Geeky TV Shows We See Today



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