Female sports reporters have come a long way. From slowly being introduced over the airways via radio to becoming a staple for any reputable major sports station, the ladies are showing they have true staying power.

While some are an obvious sideshow meant only to grab the shallow viewer’s attention, most of these women have long been involved in sports and worked their tails off to get to those sidelines and as your Sportscenter anchors. And as most of us know, beauty may get your foot in door with a lot of opportunities, but it’s the brains that keeps you employed.

Sweet 16 of Female Sports Reporters

Which is why we are proud to present the first-ever GuysGirl Beauty and the Brains March Madness Challenge brought to by our very special friends over at Bracketeers.

Women were chosen based on active time in front of the camera, their knowledge on sports and the ability to shine like a rockstar in the male dominated field. The #1 seeds are the obvious Erin Andrews of the world while the lower seeds are up and comers you may not have heard of…yet.

The Beauty and the Brains Challenge will last the typical length of the traditional March Madness tournament with a Sweet 16 round, Elite 8, Final Four and finally the Championship to determine which reporter has the best beauty and brains combination.

For those that vote, winners will be chosen at random for the chance to win a $100 prize pack from GuysGirl, a GuysGirl goodie bag filled with koozies, sunglasses and a t-shirt plus a few other prizes thrown in just for participating.

Here’s the tournament shakedown of who’s in the Sweet 16 and their seeding…

#1 Seeds

  • Erin Andrews
  • Michelle Beadle
  • Sam Ponder
  • Bonnie Bernstein

#2 Seeds

  • Linda Cohn
  • Sage Steele
  • Rachel Nichols
  • Hannah Storm

#3 Seeds

  • Jemele Hill
  • Lindsay Czarniak
  • Michele Tafoya
  • Wendi Nix

#4 Seeds

  • Holly Sonders
  • Alex Flanagan
  • Katie Nolan
  • Niki Noto

1st Round Matchups

  • Erin Andrews vs. Niki Noto
  • Michelle Beadle vs. Katie Nolan
  • Sam Ponder vs. Holly Sonders
  • Bonnie Berstein vs. Alex Flanagan
  • Sage Steele vs. Lindsay Czarniak
  • Linda Cohn vs. Jemele Hill
  • Rachel Nichols vs. Wendi Nix
  • Hannah Storm vs. Michele Tafoya


**you have to register on the voting site in order to be chosen as a contest winner**


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