We told you a couple weeks ago about the Vice channel dedicated to women dubbed Broadly. In one of their new video series called “Girl Gangs’ they take a look at an all-female biker gang Caramel Curves formed in New Orleans that has one simple rule for anyone that wants to join…

“You have to have a vagina and a motor bike to be a part of it.”

While many male-oriented biker gangs exist, there aren’t many all-female clubs. But existing female clubs are as fierce, if not more-so, than the men.

“I really just wanted to ride a bike at first,” said one of the members of Caramel Curves. “But after I started riding and all the guys are doing these things, I was one of those girls that said, ‘I wanna do what the guys do, but better.’ So I feel like I look better than them while I’m doing it and now I do it better than them, so I’m winning all around.”

Founded in 2005, Caramel Curves nearly disbanded after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina because it caused numerous members to move away from Nola.

But for those who did stay in New Orleans, the bonds formed with the new members rocking pink heels, bad-ass motorcycles and a look that rivals Grease’s Pink Ladies, are stronger than ever.

Watch the mini-documentary below of the all-female biker club, Caramel Curves.