The landscape of the female sports fan has changed so dramatically over the last ten years and continues to evolve every season. Females represent a significant amount of the football fanbase and because of this, there are numerous women writing about sports, making gameday clothes, creating fun ways to have a Superbowl party and so much more.

Which is why we decided to start featuring these women who are out there making changes in our football landscape. For the next couple weeks, we’re going to be featuring some of the top talent in a female football fan’s world.  And next up, we have Elizabeth Turley who’s the Founder and CEO of clothing powerhouse Meesh and Mia.

Meesh and Mia launched in 2010 as a college and NFL sports clothing provider to women who were frustrated with the current market. And since the launch, the business now stands at $8M in value.

Quite an achievement for a laid off business executive who’s now bringing fashionable sports clothing to the masses. Check out Elizabeth’s interview after the jump on how she got started and why she loves the game of football…

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Tailgater Monthly Ad 2012Elizabeth Turley, Founder/CEO of Meesh and Mia

On any social media sites?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram


How long have you been running it?

We launched our website in August of 2010…and it’s been growing ever since!


What’s the best part about running your own sports website? Worst part?

Boy, this is tough! There are so many great things about this company, but I suppose the best part is we have the power to make this business whatever we want it to be. We’re the ones that get to grow it, it’s our baby. Being able to grow something from the ground up is the most rewarding experience you can imagine…business experience that is! Being able to give people in the community jobs and experiences that they might never have gotten to have, it’s just huge! The worst part, I suppose, are the accountants…haha! Just kidding, I can’t think of a worst part because with every bad experience there are infinite great ones!


Tailgating & Gameday


Do you tailgate regularly for football games?

I don’t get to games as often as I’d like, but I absolutely love to tailgate! Love the culture, the fans, everything about it.


What’s your absolute favorite thing to make for a tailgate and/or Superbowl/Bowl game?

We love to BBQ for the games.


Do you play any games while tailgating? If so, what do you play?

We’re too into the game!


Do cook food on site or do you bring food from the house or a restaurant to tailgate with?

Oh we cook there, it’s all us!


What does a typical gameday routine look like for you?

That’s pretty simple…get on my Meesh & Mia gear and get down to the game as early as possible. A game day outing should be a FULL day event. Anything less just wouldn’t do 🙂


Where do you usually watch your favorite team in action?

I live in Idaho now, but my heart lies with Penn State, so our living room tends to be the watch site these days.


Where are you favorite places to get tailgating gear?

Meesh & Mia!


What’s your favorite thing to drink while tailgating?

You’re trying to get me in trouble…but for game day, I’ll do a beer.


Gameday Outfits

Describe your typical outfit at a football game. Do you dress for comfort, style or both?

I’m a style girl…that’s why I started Meesh & Mia. I’m not a t-shirt or hoodie kind of gal, I want to look my best no matter where I’m going. I guess my typical outfit depends on the weather, but Meesh & Mia’s stretch skinny jeans are a must no matter what.


When you coordinate an outfit for gameday, how long does it usually take?

Not very long, our stuff is so cute no matter what you put on, it looks great!


Do you paint your nails using your favorite team’s colors? If so, do you paint them as normal or attempt nail art?

No…although I think it’s adorable when others do it!


Where are you favorite places to get gameday clothes?

Meesh & Mia!


What’s your favorite thing to wear at a cold game?

Meesh & Mia’s officer jacket is one of my favorite items in my closet…definitely for game day but I wear it everywhere!


What’s your favorite thing to rock at a hot game?

The Meesh & Mia ruffle front tunic is AWESOME…and again, I wear it ALL the time in the summer!


If you could only bring 3 things into a football game, what would they be and why?

I’d bring my husband because he’d never forgive me if I didn’t, my cell phone b/c you never know when you might get a good picture, and probably my business cards b/c I wouldn’t be able to help it.


Where are some of your favorite places to get a good gameday outfit that won’t break the bank?

Meesh & Mia!

gameday dresses

The Game of Football

What do you think is the most difficult part about the game of football for a newcomer to grasp?

A Safety – oh my goodness it took me forever to understand what a safety was!


What would you personally like to learn more about when it come to football?

Why they don’t market to women very well!? What’s up with that?


Did you learn the game of football on your own or did someone else have a hand in helping you learn?

I grew up going to football games, it was a team effort but I learned pretty quickly 🙂


Are there certain things about the game that you think the NFL could improve?

I’d like to see more advancements in the safety of the game. I think it’s important to make sure our athletes are safe without hurting the integrity of the game itself.


Do you play fantasy football at all? If so, what do you like most about it?

I haven’t yet! Although I think I might have to this year…I feel so out of the loop now that everyone else does.


Are you part of any woman’s fans clubs for your favorite team?

More than I can count…that’s part of my job!


The percentage of female fans of the NFL stands at 45%. How do you think the NFL could grow this number?

Better clothing 🙂


What’s the biggest pet peeve you have about being a female sports fan?

That everyone thinks we do it b/c our husbands or boyfriends want us to. It’s hard for people to grasp that you can be female AND a fan all on your own. We love the game because WE love it!

Huge thanks to Elizabeth for being a part of the GuysGirl Gameday Series. She’s a powerhouse already in the NFL world so do yourself a favor and visit her website for some awesome gameday clothes!


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