The Internet is appropriately ecstatic with the news of Tatiana Maslany’s long-overdue Emmy nomination for her portrayal of 13 clones (so far) on BBC America’s Orphan Black. Check out these seven recipes inspired by the sestras of Project Leda. Each dish captures the ridiculous uniqueness of the characters brought to life by our favorite Canadian.

We don’t know much about what Season 4 has in store, but some interesting things were teased at the Comic-Con 2015 panel. Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson hinted that Sarah might have a new love interest in her future, what with Paul blown to smithereens in the Castor compound and Cal spending so much time in Slaver’s Bay with our other homegirl Dany Targaryen.

Co-creator John Fawcett told Variety that following the emotional-yet-tidy ending of the third season, Season 4 will “reset” a lot of the moving parts of the show’s mythology and will launch the sestras forward into a new, bigger-picture mystery, recapturing some of the delightfully confusing vibes of the first season. But we’ll have to wait another nine months before we get another taste of the good stuff (or even find out if Delphine is alive or dead…)!

So, without further ado, here are seven dishes inspired by the Tony and the Leda-ing ladies.


Cheesecake Factory Avocado Egg Rolls

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Krystal was, up until very recently, blissfully unaware of her place in the clone universe. Now, she’s been captured by Dyad and dressed up as the grouchy Rachel the pro-clone, but at least she still has both of her original eyeballs. Before Krystal was kidnapped, she was… dare I say, a little basic, compared to her self-aware sisters. I like to imagine her going out for cocktails at the Cheesecake Factory at the mall and ordering these avocado egg rolls, which you can recreate at home with this wonderful recipe from Damn Delicious.


Chicken & Dumplin’s Ala Cracker Barrel

Alison has got to be the best cook out of the sestras, right?! She’s the only one that’s done the whole suburban soccer mom thing. She has to have a few kid-friendly recipes up her sleeve. It always seems to be winter in Alison’s neighborhood, so I went with a classic cold-weather dish: chicken and dumplin’s. Check out this recipe from Tasty Kitchen that you can whip up in just 30 minutes.


Ukranian Borscht

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The thought of Helena having free-reign in a kitchen is a little scary, what with the knives and everything, but for the sake of the piece, I chose this blood red Ukrainian soup for miss Helena. The bright red color comes from a combination of beets and red wine vinegar, for the record. Helena might visit Eating Well to find the recipe if she had to make dinner for the Hendrix bebehs.


Eggs On Toast— With Sea Urchin And A Glass Of Rosé

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Rachel, one could argue, is the spoiled one in the bunch. She was raised as the treasured only-daughter of a couple of scientists who were bankrolled by at least two super-organizations. She knows a lot of things, and has been aware of her sister- clones since childhood, but there’s no way that girl knows how to make herself a meal in an actual kitchen. For Rachel, I chose this awesome and pricey appetizer from LA’s premier French restaurant Republique. It’s a toasted baguette, sliced, and topped with scrambled eggs and sushi-grade sea urchin. So Rachel, and sooo good.


Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Tony, the first transgender clone, became a fan-favorite after just a few minutes of screen-time in season 2. When we were first introduced to Tony, he was into some shady dealings— weaving through downtown Toronto, face obscured by a bandana. So, Naturally, I picked Toronto’s most relevant street food: the peameal bacon Sandwich, preferably served from a food truck. Before all of my US readers get confused, no, peameal bacon is not the same thing as Canadian Bacon, but is pretty much only found in Canada, so that’s that. Check out this recipe (and explanation of what peameal bacon actually is) on Kary Osmond’s blog.


Buffalo Cauliflower “Chicken Wings”

Of course our little San Francisco hipster Cosima would be totally into this vegan bar snack. She’s as smart as a whip and must have learned loads about alternative diets while she was shacking up with Shay, the maybe-spy ex-military nutritionist and spiritual counselor. Cosima is the only sister that is explicitly American and is, without a doubt, the most fun clone to go get a beer with. She can probably even tell you which bars have the best options on tap between conversations about evolutionary biology and Dungeons & Dragons. Check out a great recipe for buffalo cauliflower here.


London’s Spiciest Pizza At Mayfair Pizza Co.

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Sarah has always been the tough one. She stares fear in the eye and would do anything to protect her sisters or her miracle-daughter Kira from Dyad, Topside, Castor, Neolution and all the other groups that make life so crazy for the Leda girls. Sarah is also perpetually on the run to or from something, so I figured it would just be best if she picked up a pizza from London’s Mayfair Pizza Co, but this isn’t just any pizza. It’s the craziest spicy pizza in all of London— topped with habanero peppers, a spicy marinara sauce, and smoked jalapeños. It’s a meal that’s as fierce and well- traveled as Sarah.

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