Over the past year, the concept of applying makeup has changed drastically to where terms like contouring, bold eyebrows, and now baking have entered into our regular vocabulary.

But for those who are used to a simple routine when applying makeup, these new concepts may seem daunting at first. The end results, however, are nearly flawless.

Contouring, baking, and eyebrows are new makeup trends that are changing the game and if you don’t learn how each is used with the other, you’ll be sorry.

Here’s a breakdown of each method and how to play around with these looks.


Contouring is about using the unique angles of your face to highlight your best features like eyes, cheeks, and lips. It usually involves two things: concealer and bronzer. As the opposite of what most have been taught, the bronzer is used to shape the face while the concealer is used to highlight what you want to show off.

When I got started with contouring, I stumbled upon a kit while in Sephora looking for setting sprays. As I was looking at the kit, a rep approached me about a free contouring class. Naturally, I joined.

Side note: Sephora holds regular how-to classes (mostly for free), so be sure to check out your local store for available times.

Before you get started with contouring, you’re going to want to know where the heck to put the product. For that, you’ll need to figure out your face shape.

Once you’ve figured out your face shape, you can see the tricks to applying your contour for oval, square, round , heart shaped and deeper skin tones.

Bold EyeBrows

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Don’t let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life?” That saying rings true not because of the creepy factor of what we’d look like with zero eyebrows, but the fact that the eyebrow can make or break your face.

We’ve talked about how to determine your brow arch and shape before, but below is how to achieve the bold brow look that has taken over the cosmetology world.

P.S. If you like the natural look, be sure to check out this video. Remember, eyebrows shape your entire look so skipping them all together simply isn’t an option anymore.


This term is newer to the world of makeup but not for drag queens. Based off makeup application tips from clowns (seriously) drag queens have been using this method for years to keep their makeup looking flawless.

Buzzfeed created a great breakdown but essentially all baking involves is applying your makeup as usual — including eye makeup and mascara — but at the very end you apply concealer in a contouring fashion followed by a heavy dose of translucent powder. You let the powder sit on your face for a good 10-15 minutes so that your face heats up the makeup and sets properly, hence the term “baking.”

After 10 minutes or so, you flick away the translucent powder and your makeup will rival Kim Kardashian.

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