Ladies, these are not suggestions. These are rules.

1. Dress appropriately. Both for the weather and for the crowd.

But no matter what, you absolutely cannot wear heels.
And if you’re thinking about wearing a pink team shirt…

2. A couple days before the game, make a guy you work with (or your sports-loving girlfriend) give you CliffsNotes of the matchup.

Don’t stress on knowing everything; you just need to know some basics, including team colors, win-loss records, star players, etc.

3. Use those CliffsNotes to come up a couple (good) topics/questions you can use on that hot guy at the tailgate.

He’ll be impressed you actually know something about the game, and you’ll be relieved you look impressive.


4. About 30-45 minutes into the day, make a bathroom (or, God forbid, porta potty) trip with your girlfriend to recap the tailgate/social scene.

You’ll probably want to make another one of these trips during the game, too.


5. You should always have a drink in hand when you’re tailgating.

6. But you should never become that girl. Or, as I like to call them, a “Whoo Girl.”

Getting too drunk too early is annoying, lame, and unattractive.

7. You know what keeps you from becoming a Whoo Girl? Eating at the tailgate.

Tailgate food is the best and calories don’t count on the weekends.
Maybe just don’t make this face… You’re in public, and this isn’t In-N-Out.

8. Even if you really don’t like football and/or don’t care about the game, just watch it.

Don’t whine or act impatient. Definitely don’t try to leave early.

9. Be up for a post-game bar outing.

This is your time to shine!

10. Just remember to play it cool.

No screaming, falling, or dancing on the bars. And the same goes for the girlfriend you came with.