From the Founder and Editor in Chief of GuysGirl:

Since GuysGirl launched years ago, one of my biggest challenges is constantly trying to stay up to date with the look and feel of the web and where I think it’s going.

Because we’ve grown so much in just the past year, it was time to do some work under the hood to make sure we’re ready for our favorite time of the year, football season!

Those ‘under the hood’ changes can now be seen on the home page of GuysGirl where some categories were added, features added and adjusted as well as more defined content focus. With thousands of articles now on the site, this reorganized content structure helps out you, the reader, to be able to find the content you’re most interested in reading, more effectively.


The first thing you might notice is that we removed the fancy scrolling slider of stories. The reason we removed it is because this theme format doesn’t allow for the title of the article to appear over the image. So if a reader was looking at the site, they would only see an image, not what the image was actually about.

Upon trying to fix this issue until the wee hours, the decision was made to just remove it, which increased website load time (yay!) but also allowed us to free up space to focus on the three main content areas GuysGirl: sports, entertainment and everything that makes a GuysGirl a badass.


All the big sports are still there, NFL-NCAA-MLB-NHL-NBA-PGA,  and won’t be going anywhere. Also added a ‘Sports 101’ section, which we may know a thing or two about.


All of the gaming and geeky articles are still there. But if you’re in a humorous or WTF kinda mood, you can now find those articles with ease.


Our FAVORITE category! We’ve always had featured guysgirls and fans, but this new focus is putting a whole new spin on things.

GG Favs– means just that. Our favorite fans, products, profiles on women business owners, etc..this is where you’ll find them.

Questionably Classy– we’ve had these posts going for a while and you ladies (and men!) seem to love them. So we’re expanding it. So if you have any stories you’d like to share (anonymously, if you wish!) about drunken nights, girl’s trips or swiping right on that questionable Tinder guy, this is the place to share it. Besides, who said you can’t work hard AND play hard?

Gameday– where you’ll find all the fashion, tailgating, recipes and more that are all centered around the off the field action.

Geek Chic– place for all the girly geeks out there who love Star Wars marathons, cosplay and attempting your own superhero makeup.

Boss Mode– another NEW addition I’m really excited about. I always get asked about how I started GuysGirl and the tips I’ve learned along the way of being an entrepreneur of a woman-owned business, that I want to share that experience with all of you. Hopefully if you learn from where I’ve been, you can create your own successful business as well. We would also love to feature any inspiring stories of women-owned businesses, so if you know of one, send us a tip!

Relationships and Sex– we don’t know everything, but what we’ve been through might help someone else. So we’re launching a relationships and sex section, which based off what you’ve liked in the past, seems like a good decision.

DIY– short for ‘do it yourself’, we love showing off the ways many of you create and craft. This section is for the creative minds out there who want another way to cut up that old shirt into something new again.

Know something we don’t? Now you can tell us.

Aside from the content focus, we also have areas where you can send us a tip directly on something you think we should covering, an area for those interested in working with us (writing, interning or advertising) and a spot where you can check out our social networks to follow on your platform of choice (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine and Facebook are all available).

We’re trying to be everywhere for you, but we also need your help in growing our site to the masses. Every email signup, mention or even a Facebook “like” on an article helps us grow. So if you haven’t, follow us on social, sing up for our email newsletter and help us spread the word.

The more people know about the movement that is GuysGirl–giving a voice to the female fan, the more time and resources we’ll have to get you those stories you care about the most.

Thanks for listening and all the support you’ve shown through the years!




GuysGirl Founder/EIC