Years ago, a fake Sony Vice President was created as a marketing push for PlayStation and their array of games and accessories. The commercials staring the character Kevin Butler were hilarious and extremely well-received but stopped suddenly leaving many to wonder why. Let’s revisit some of Kevin’s best moments and find out just what the hell happened to everyone’s favorite pitch man.

Out of the big three, Sony easily takes the cake as the best marketing arm out of the major gaming consoles with their promotion of PlayStation. But these marketing promos peaked years ago namely because of the star of those ads, a fake Sony VP by the name of Kevin Butler.

Launched in 2009 and played by actor Jeremy Lambert, Kevin Butler was the smartass who entertained us by cleverly bashing the other consoles and giving the fanboys the ammunition needed in the ever popular Xbox vs. PlayStation debate. But after Sony changed it’s marketing direction years later, Lambert appeared in a Bridgestone Tire commercial  promoting a contest where the winner earns a Nintendo Wii.

Though the character Kevin Butler wasn’t portrayed, the now-edited commercial showed Lambert holding a Wii controller which upset Sony thus forcing their decision to sue Lambert for contract violations but the case was later settled.

While the character Kevin Butler has been officially retired, an awesome YouTube compilation video of all his commercials remains and can be seen below in all its glory.

My only question after all this is why hasn’t Microsoft hired Lambert to push Xbox products? Would be the biggest troll move in gaming history. #BringBackButler