Nintendo hasn’t been a console that is considered a must-buy in years. But with the new trailer for Nintendo Switch dropping today, that will change very soon.

As in right fucking now.

After this year’s E3, I called Nintendo dead in the water. Outside of key exclusives in Zelda and Mario–there hasn’t been a reason to purchase another Nintendo console and predicted they should license their key franchises into mobile apps.

But a month later, Nintendo slapped us with some truth by announcing Pokemon Go and re-release of their infamous original NES console. This showed me the old dog still has a couple tricks up their sleeve.

Fast forward a few months and we now have a console that looks like the best parts of the Wii, Wii U and a traditional console combined.

Code named NX, Nintendo Switch has built-in controllers and a display unit that allows for console gaming at your home or on the go. What also looks like an option is avoiding the “swing a controller like a sword” if you just want to be a button masher for the rest of your life. *raises hand*

We all know a portable console is great–but if you don’t have quality games, it won’t be long before it starts collecting dust. However, in the trailer you’ll see glimpses of Skyrim, NBA2K, Splatoon in addition to the staples of Mario, Mario Kart and Zelda in HD. Which means not only do we have the exclusive franchise favorites but we could also be witnessing Nintendo working with 3rd party developers.


I’ll be honest— I didn’t expect to purchase another Nintendo console in my lifetime but this changes everything.

Welcome back, Nintendo. I’ve missed you. xoxoxo.