Link to the Past 2: New Legend of Zelda

To many fans across the world, Nintendo fulfilled a life-long dream today of an updated version to one of the most infamous franchises,  a new Legend of Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS, coming during the holidays  of 2013!

Best part of all? The new game will be set in the same world as A Link To The Past. The iconic musical themes, sounds of a slashing Master Sword and other key elements will be there, but it will be an entirely new story.

A Link to the Past 2 (which some have already started calling it) will revive the world of Hyrule as you remember as a child but in full 3D environments. Also added within the game is the ability to change into a “paper Link” that can walk within the walls that will be an added component to solving puzzles.

Enjoy the clip and good luck suppressing your excitement until the holiday season!

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