Luigi has always played second fiddle next to his more mainstream brother, Mario.

But with the recent release of Mario Kart 8, it seems a new trend has been born to give Luigi some cred.

luigi death stare mario kart 8

Every time Luigi takes out someone in a race on Mario Kart 8, he gives an intense death stare that borders on “what if this Italian is part of the mob now?”

Gamers have been recording the death stares and submitting them since the game released this week. It’s become so popular, that memes have already started.

Luigi fanatics apparently exist. There’s a subreddit dedicated solely to Luigi Death Stares. And technically until July 14th, we are currently experiencing “The Year of Luigi” in which it’s the character’s 30th anniversary in the Nintendo history.

This Luigi fantasy is all news to me. I was the oldest so I always picked my characters first. And my choice was always Mario or Princess Peach.

Picking Luigi over Mario is kind of like picking Cyclops over Wolverine. It just doesn’t happen for most people.

But alas, looks like Nintendo has given Luigi the cold-blooded persona in Mario Kart 8.  Which makes me add buying a Wii U to the top of the purchase list.

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