Flip Cup is the greatest drinking game ever created. Be it a tailgate, house party or anywhere else a big group of friends is congregating, it gets the people going.

Unlike beer pong, where the team size is relatively limited, flip cup can include any number of people, and only requires a table, cups and something to drink.

But all great games have the ability to be greater.

Enter: Survivor Flip Cup.

Survivor Flip Cup has all the great qualities of the standard game, yet there are significant reasons why it’s better…

Rounds Are Faster

Rounds go much quicker now that everyone is flipping cups at the same time, instead of waiting for turns.

It’s the perfect icebreaker

See a guy/girl you’ve wanted to talk to all night? Get a good spot next to them at the flip cup table and watch the romance start.

You drink more

Why do we play drinking games? To drink. The longer you survive, the more you consume. Get knocked out early? There’s more time to practice.

There’s a clear end

Regular flip cup tends to go on in singularly competitive bursts until people peter out and wander off. With survivor, there’s one guaranteed winner in the crowd, which means guaranteed bragging rights.


You’re betting on yourself

No more strategizing over picking the perfect team.


No need to worry about a shitty anchor

No amount of “I’ll cut you” eyes will ever help that newcomer who always flips the cup 5 feet in the air.


You can punish eliminated participants

Who doesn’t love a game that requires everyone take a punishment when they lose?


Featured image via TopYaps