The grossest part about beer pong is attempting to use a water cup to rinse the dirt and debris from the balls thrown. As a result, drinking a perfectly clean beer has been reserved solely for those poor souls who play with water in their cups instead of beer.

Until now.

Slip Cup is a new company on Kickstarter that created a cup that fits flawlessly into your standard beer pong cup and prevents dirt and debris from entering the cup.

With 19 days remaining, the Kickstarter has already received more than $6,000 over their funding request of $70,000, cementing these cups will soon become a reality.

My only grip with the concept are the flaps located inside the cup are supposed to keep the ball from bouncing out, thus preventing the blowing strategy to the game. But from the looks of it, you can keep the flaps in the down position and continue to use your finger/blow strategy to beer pong.

slip cup

In addition to preventing dirt in the playing cups, the Slip Cup provides a center of gravity for your game so no need to worry about a cup tipping over and ending your game.

It seems like a practical invention for beer pong players who double as germaphobes. Personally, I’d be happy to play with Slip Cups but I’m also fine with a water cup, napkin and little bit of protein.

On second thought…

prevent dirt beer pong