A staple at every Super Bowl party, the Squares sheet is usually proudly on display calling for people to throw down a couple bucks in exchange for a possible big payday.

We have our normal football squares experts who know exactly what the sheet below is used for and we also have those fans that have noticed a grid that is proudly displayed during football parties but have no clue what its for. Whatever your familiarity is with this game, whoever wins is based on 100 percent luck of the draw; making this a crowd favorite.

Use our easy to print football squares sheet for your party for the big game or office pool.

And if you’re just starting out, below is a list of how to play.

How to Play Football Squares:

  1. Determine a dollar amount per square and the payout per quarter to be awarded. For the sheet below, there are 100 squares. If you charge $25 per square, that means $625 will be awarded to the winner after EACH QUARTER
  2. Have everyone write their name in a square (multiple times is ok).
  3. Once all the squares are filled up, make up little pieces of paper that have each number listed 0-9 and the team names.Put the numbers in a hat and get ready to start drawing.
  4. Draw the names first to determine what team name to place vertically on the grid and which team is horizontal.
  5. Draw the numbers one by one place writing each number drawn over each horizontal column and draw again for the vertical rows side. (there should only be one number, including the zeros, that correspond with the horizontal columns and vertical rows, think x/y axis from math class)
  6. Now everyone has a special number that is used to determine the winner after each quarter. This number must be the last number in the score to win. For example at the end of the first quarter, the game is 14-7. The person who has number 4 (for that corresponding team) and the person who has 7 (for that corresponding team) are the winners for that quarter.

Download Your Free Printable Football Squares Sheet

How to play Superbowl Squares