Nothing is sadder than having to leave your best friend, especially when you feel like you need them more than ever. But sometimes, you just have to.

That was the case for me this year. I had stayed at school an extra semester and knew in December when I graduated, I would have to say goodbye to her for now. She’s still there, finishing her Masters Degree and I’m out in the world, looking for a job.

However, one thing that I’ve noticed is that no matter how far away I am from her, it always seems like nothing has changed.

Obviously, the biggest difficulty is not being able to see each other. This was something I openly struggled with last year when we lived at different places after being roommates for a year. It felt weird to go to her house and it not be our place. After a pretty rough semester of adjusting, though, it felt right. She was working on her Masters degree and I was still finishing my undergrad…it would have been tough to try to make our schedules work. The biggest reward though was actually getting to see her, because when I did get to see it, it felt like nothing had changed. She was still the girl who knew all my secrets, watched me cry over more than few dumb boys and was still going to be there.

However, being away from each other can mean something good. While sometimes it hurts having to watch their life through pictures, but seeing how successful she is has to be the most exciting part. Even though you’re not there, you know how well she’s doing whether it’s a text, email or FaceTiming. Watching your best friend be successful and do what she loves is worth more than anything because that’s what you’ve always wanted for her. She’s yours, but she’s still everyone else’s too.

If you two didn’t get away from each other for a while, it would be like being stuck in the same loop over and over again. That part may be the hardest to accept with everything you two have been through. Eventually, that feeling will go away though and you’ll realize that the two of you are going in separate paths right now. While that’s scary to think about, it’s for the best and that’s all you want for each other.

Because if you two can survive through all you’ve been through including horrible ex-best friends, tons of f*ckboys and each of your 21st’s, you two can survive anything.