The crack of the bat during a baseball game is a classic sound that can give goosebumps to anyone from a small child to a baseball historian. These pieces of wood used to hit baseballs are often over looked as just pieces of equipment rather than works of art from a master craftsman.

How a Handcut Baseball Bat is Made

A few years back, I took a trip to Orlando where I visited the Team Mickey store in Downtown Disney. At this store was an area where you could have your own custom bat made right before your very eyes.

You can choose from all the different qualities of bats and the prices range from $50 to around $80. You are allowed to customize 3 lines of text as well as pick out your own clip art.

The best part about having a custom bat made is watching the master craftsman perform his art. It was truly amazing and I invite you to watch the following videos that show how a bat is made from start to finish right before you eyes at this awesome store.

One Happy Customer!

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