When visitors attend Disney World, they’re usually pretty excited to meet the princesses that scatter the park. Guests wait in line sometimes for over an hour just for an opportunity to meet and take a picture with their favorite character.

But something rather new that Disney has started is featuring the villains from each of their movies throughout the park. And the most popular villain by far has become Gaston from Beauty and Beast.

Not just any Gaston, but a particular actor at Disney World has been stealing the show with how he interacts with guests.

Here’s Gaston getting challenged by a girl to an arm wrestling match:


Here he has a funny back and forth between a sassy little girl:


And here’s Gaston murdering a boy who challenges him to a push-up contest:

“Looks like he is struggling…PERHAPS HE NEEDS A HAND!”

This actor doesn’t just show off for the cameras. His autograph for Redditor parkedcar ia egotistical but hilarious at the same time.

Gaston Actor Disney World

These videos of the particular actor have been surfacing a lot as of late and after some digging, the actor still remains a mystery. But if anything is clear, this Disney actor has done the impossible and made Gaston and his enormous ego sort-of attractive.