The After Hours crew at Cracked are at it again with a stellar debate on some of Disney’s famous villains and if they were right all along?

In their first debate, the crew of four sits around a diner’s table to discuss who was really evil from The Little Mermaid, King Triton vs Ursala?

Part of the arguments explains that King Triton gives you the world, but if you don’t go along with his demands, he destroys all of your stuff. Meanwhile, Ursala will give your hearts desire, but at a cost. She might also become another woman to steal your man and ultimately your hearts desire, so maybe she wasn’t right all along.

What about Mufasa and Scar? Gaston and Beast? Or Jafar and the Sultan? Are any of these leaders really evil? Or are any of these villains secretly not as bad as we once thought?

My brain can’t possibly wrap it around supporting the likes of Scar who murdered Mufasa, but the other arguments are indeed intriguing.

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