Most of us have heard of the ongoing investigation into the sexual assault charges at Baylor University. On Helmets and Heels, we’ve held off discussing the situation because there are still a lot of moving parts and the vagueness of Baylor’s “findings” in their questionable reports.

Until last night’s show, when we dove head first into the topic and the surrounding culture of college football. While the extremity of the Baylor case may be isolated, other schools like Penn State and Ole Miss have had institutional problems leaving us to ask, “Is this something we should learn to expect?” Hear this topic of conversation around the 54 minute mark.

Along with Baylor, we discuss if Steph Curry willed the Warriors to a Western Conference Finals win or if Kevin Durant’s Thunder choked it away. Plus, we debate what’s next for KD and if this is the series LeBron will give Cleveland fans what they so desperately crave – a championship ring.

This and more on the latest episode of Helmets and Heels!


Intro- If you’re an athlete, are you taking the risk of traveling to Rio for the Olympics?
11:31- Studs and Duds
27:09- NBA Playoffs: Did the Warriors win it or did OKC choke it all away?
40:03- Cats love NHL Playoff beards – they’re just like us! Plus Mets SP Matt Harvey and ignoring his media responsibilities.
53:41- Baylor, Ole Miss and the culture of College Football: Is it out of control?
70:16- Memorial Day stories