Sammy Sosa Has the Creepiest Pinterest Page Ever

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Sammy Sosa knows how to fall from grace. Hard.

But even after the corked bats and pretending not to speak/understand English during a Congressional steroid hearing doesn’t measure up to the creep factor that is his newly released Pinterest Page.

On a page that has amassed almost 2,000 followers, it’s filled with creepy pictures of Sosa trying to look suave while putting the tagline “Yes, I’m the real Sammy Sosa, and this is my Pinterest” while posing in awkwardly that just screams “MAKE FUN OF ME”.

Perhaps I’m being a bit too harsh. Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump and judge for yourself….

Sammy Sosa's Creepy Pinterest Page






This picture has “meme” written all over it.



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4 Responses to Sammy Sosa Has the Creepiest Pinterest Page Ever

  1. Ryan Overby says:

    he looks like a doll or a wax figure. I feel like the Pedobear should be sitting next to him giving the same creepy smile hahaha.

  2. Guys Girl says:

    I believe he has gone through “skin lightening” treatments. He actually looked like a ghost about a year ago. Kinda, sorta, DEFINITELY scary.

  3. Jose Lara says:

    whoa… wtf lol

  4. Yinette Sanchez says:

    Ever since he wanted to be a white guy, things just went down hill, even dominicans dont take him seriously anymore, true fact

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