The way this girl reacts to her friend’s engagement is everything I’ve ever wanted to say without saying a word.

If there’s such a thing as “Engagement Season” the holidays would be the time of year it occurs. Knowing weddings are a billion dollar business, the industry makes their money by convincing women they NEED the giant cake, perfect shoes, beautiful bridesmaids dresses and every other tradition to suck more money out of you.

But this girl… she gets it.

Three of what looks like her close friends seem to have gotten engaged.  And when three friends get engaged at the same time, that can only mean bridesmaid dresses, getting makeup/hair done, shoes, trips, meetings, showers, presents for everything and helping out the bride with every spare second she has.

While weddings are certainly a ton of fun to attend, being IN one is a whole other ball game. Now multiply that by 3 and you might pose in a picture just like this girl.

God speed.

girl reacts friend engagement