The NFL and MLB have a slew of unwritten rules that affect the growth of the sport. But is it good for the evolution of the game? Listen as Helmets and Heels debate…

My last 4 weeks: Camping at Ginnie Springs, Kentucky Derby, TPC and a weekend in Ormond Beach with the fam. But this weekend? I’m headed to Nashville for a bachelorette party with a dozen girls. I’m not sure if I’ll live blog the shenanigans like I did for Vegas, but I’ll be sure to share some good stories provided we all make it back alive with clean records. Pray for me.

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve done a show recap but after a busy month, it’s was a good time to bounce back.

May is such a fun month in the world of sports with baseball in full swing, NFL OTA’s, NBA/NHL playoffs, golf and college football less than 100 days away.

Which is why some of my favorite discussions on Helmets and Heels lately has been looking at how sports leagues grow and evolve. When we talk about those ideals, two sports usually come to mind—baseball and football.

Baseball with its funky (sometimes stupid) unwritten rules and the NFL continuing to push ethical boundaries while remaining America’s favorite sport are fascinating. And we touch on each in the latest two shows.

Catch them both below…

Featured image via Marcel Robinson