Bridesmaids is the Vulgar Movie Women Have Waited an Eternity To See

Women in general have had slim pickings as far as relatable TV and movie programming throughout the decades. Hell, its even tough to find women on TV that actually enjoy each others company on the big and small screens.

Sure there has been the classics such as Golden Girls (yawn) and Sex and the City (great series but sometimes too sensitive). But now, we truly have our answer in relatable group of friends who happen to fill the void of a vulgar female comedy.


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Tom Brady Clearly Loves a Good Water Slide

Tom Brady; 3 time Super Bowl Champion, 2 time Super Bowl MVP, married to a Super Model Gisele Bundchen….blah blah blah we all know the story and any football team is jealous that they couldn’t stumble upon a future HOF in the sixth round.

But in the last couple years, it has somehow turned from admiration of this talented athlete, to someone that is becoming sort of a joke for everything he does off the field.

Was it the dancing? No. Everyone already knows it tough for White guys to dance.

Not really. It was borderline but still looked acceptable to wear to that kind of event.

But I’ll be damned if this is the photo to make everyone just poke fun of him some more. Hate to say it to you Brady, but I’m starting to think you are bringing this on yourself. 

Photo from TMZ


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Kentucky Derby Hat Ideas: From Actors to Fans with the Crazy and Classy

With another Kentucky Derby in the books, it’s time to get down to the most entertaining portion of the Derby and that’s the people-watching. Only at the Derby can tell the personality of someone before you approach them based off how obnoxious/classy their hat is.

From celebs to casual fans, this year was no different. Some are beautiful and others are tragic, but they are all entertaining.

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo

Both huge sports fans and Vanessa always looks great. I think I’m partial to the smaller hats rather than a huge hat.

Aubrey O’Day

The former Danity Kane member on P Diddy’s Making the Band is doing porn by now right? If she’s not, its only a matter of time.

Maria Menounos

I’m a big fan of Maria and when I first saw the hat, it looks cute but paired with her dress, I wasn’t a fan. Its a little much. Though from the neck up, she looks fabulous.

Erin Andrews

Speaking of how important the “whole Derby Package” should look, Erin Andrews pulls this off fantastically. The picture of her neck up is cute, but seeing her in the whole outfit, the only words that come to mind is just “Wow”.

Lindsey Vonn

Its hard for the Olympic skier for the US team to NOT look good.

Betsey Johnson

Even fashion designer Betsey got behind a program for Breast Cancer raising money for every one of her hats sold. Her style is usually very flirty and eccentric, which means a perfect combination for a Derby Hat.

Marissa Miller

I really doubt if I typed anything here, anyone would read it after the words “Marissa Mill…” are read.

Tom Brady

I want to try and not make fun of the NE Quarterback as I think this outfit is actually pretty damn cool, but the fact that it is Tom Brady wearing it, just makes the outfit lose a touch of cool factor. I’m not sure why and it doesn’t make sense, it just is.

Classy Hats

Your hat shows your personality, so should you wear a classy or goofy hat, chances are your personality will shine brightly through it. Another Derby, another chance for a great people and hat watching. Here are some of the best we found…


Crazy Hats

Photos courtesy of E Online, Sports Grid, Styleite, and Terez Owens


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Kentucky Derby Fashion: What to Wear To Shine On Race Day

When the first Saturday in May rolls around, any self-respecting Kentuckian has a race day outfit already planned out.

Kentucky Derby Fashion is one of the best parts of America’s longest running sport and there’s a steep culture surrounding it.

Whether you’re going to a bar, a Derby party or attending the Derby itself, your choice of shoes, dress and most importantly the hat all come into play.

In case you need a little help, here’s a survival guide to help you with some ideas.


Choosing a shoe depends on where you will be watching the Derby. If you are attending the race in the infield, do yourself a favor and wear comfortable flats that you don’t mind if they get a little dirty. (ok they will get VERY dirty). If you are lucky enough to attend the race in the Grand Stand, nothing but the cutest heels will suffice. Plan on attending a derby party? Opt for a nice pair of sandals or wedges so you look cute in your dress and hat but are still comfortable.


 6 Reasons Why Boots Are a Female Sports Fan’s BFF


The same rules apply for clothes as they do for shoes. Dress to impress if you are headed to the Grand Stand, otherwise, opt for a classic spring/summer dress or skirt. Cute but comfy is key for an enjoyable time watching the race.


 12 Kentucky Derby Dress Ideas

The All-Important Hat

The hat is the single most important piece of clothing you will put on for Derby day. Whether it’s a cute little hat or an extravagant hat that makes for strategic walking, it is the staple. It’s best to choose a hat based on your personality. After all, if you don’t feel comfortable in it, you won’t enjoy wearing it. A typical hat matches your outfit and was either handmade or bought at a local store and then spruced up with at home accessories. A must is the classic “Derby Swoop” where one side of the hat fall over one of your eyes.


 Kentucky Derby Hat Ideas: From Actors to Fans with the Crazy and Classy

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