Looking to get your own fantasy draft board? Our friends at  Fantasy Football Draft Boards can hook you up with your own just in time for drafting season.

One of the most successful articles on this site has been our guide on how to create your own fantasy football draft board. The board only lasted through a couple drafts so I created another method by simply getting the board below printed out in poster size and placing in a standard poster frame you can find at Walmart.

fantasy football draft board

This board is quick, simple, and if you get it placed in a poster frame, there’s no reason why this won’t last you 10+ years.

What you will need:

  • Access to a computer
  • Poster frame (you can find these for about $7 at Walmart)
  • Dry erase marker

Once you have your supplies, all you have to do is send the already made Draft Board PDF file of the to Fed Ex Kinkos (which you can do so online). They have several options for size (make sure to get it printed so it fits your frame) and you have the added option of getting it laminated which will curve the need for a poster frame as you can use a dry erase marker directly on it.

*Another note–if you really want to take the cheap way. Skip Kinkos and just print this board out and tape together onto a wall.