The landscape of the female sports fan has changed dramatically over the last ten years and continues to evolve every season. Females represent a significant amount of the football fanbase and because of this, there are numerous women writing about sports, making gameday clothes, creating fun ways to have a Superbowl party and so much more.

Which is why we decided to start featuring these women who are out there making changes in our football landscape. For the next couple weeks, we’re going to be featuring some of the top talent in a female football fan’s world.  Next up, we have the always lovely Reeta with The NFL Chick who’s been featured on GuysGirl before as an Orioles and Ravens superfan…

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Reeta H

Website: The NFL Chick
Facebook: The NFL Chick
Twitter: @theNFLchick


GuysGirl: What made you want to start up your own website?

Reeta: Wanted to get a women’s perspective on football out to the masses. 


How long have you been running it?

Since 2008


What’s the best part about running your own sports website? Worst part?

It’s my way to get my thoughts and ideas out for people to see and discuss. The worst part is having to update it often enough to keep people coming back.


Tailgating & Gameday

Do you tailgate regularly for football games?

Hell yes!


What’s your absolute favorite thing to make for a tailgate and/or Superbowl/Bowl game?

Crab Dip. I’m from Maryland. LOL


Do you play any games while tailgating? If so, what do you play?

No games, just enjoying hanging out. 


Do cook food on site or do you bring food from the house or a restaurant to tailgate with?

Bring food with me. 


What does a typical gameday routine look like for you?

Dressing head to toe in my Ravens gear, either heading to the stadium or heading to my Grandmother’s to watch the games with my family. 


Where do you usually watch your favorite team in action?

At my Grandmother’s. 


Where are you favorite places to get tailgating gear?



What’s your favorite thing to drink while tailgating?

Beer, Beer, Beer. Preferably a Natty Boh (Baltimore thing).

Gameday Outfits

Describe your typical outfit at a football game. Do you dress for comfort, style or both?

Both. Gotta make sure you’re fashionbly comfortable


When you coordinate an outfit for gameday, how long does it usually take?

10 mins.


Do you paint your nails using your favorite team’s colors? If so, do you paint them as normal or attempt nail art?

Yes, purple nail polish with one black nail on each hand.


Where are you favorite places to get gameday clothes? 

Modell’s,, VS Pink. 


What’s your favorite thing to wear at a cold game?

My Ravens down coat.


What’s your favorite thing to rock at a hot game?

My VS Pink tee, jeans and Jordan 13s (black, teal and purple).


If you could only bring 3 things into a football game, what would they be and why? 

Camera (pics), flask (cheap drink) and a sandwich (cheap eats).


Where are some of your favorite places to get a good gameday outfit that won’t break the bank?

Walmart and Target.


The Game of Football

What do you think is the most difficult part about the game of football for a newcomer to grasp?

The rules… because each referee crew handles them differently. 


What would you personally like to learn more about when it come to football? 

Some plays at the line of scrimmage (trap, pull plays) I’m still learning to recognize. Would like to get more fluent. 


Did you learn the game of football on your own or did someone else have a hand in helping you learn?

My father/grandfather helped, but I figured it out on my own for the most part. 


Are there certain things about the game that you want to learn more about?

Nothing different from the plays I mentioned.


Do you play fantasy football at all? If so, what do you like most about it?

No, hate it. I’m a purist. Not my thing.


Are you part of any woman’s fans clubs for your favorite team?

Yes, Purple Club. 


The percentage of female fans of the NFL stands at 45%. How do you think the NFL could grow this number?

More events that target female fans. 


Who are some women in sports broadcasting/writing that you look up to and why?

Suzy Kolber, Jemele Hill, Bonnie Bernstein… all proficient and knowledgeable.

What’s the biggest pet peeve you have about being a female sports fan?

Men think I don’t know the sport or that I like it for attention.


Special thanks to Reeta for always answering our questions. Be sure to check out her website for a real perspective on football from a woman’s point of view.