A Giants fan was ejected for interfering with a fair ball. And his disappointed girlfriend followed him. Would you do the same or stay the watch the game? Helmets and Heels debate in this show.

Earlier this year, a couple attended the game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and San Fransisco Giants. They had great seats sitting front row just off the 3rd baseline when was looked like a foul ball was hit their way.

Except the ball was fair and the guy who leaned over to snag it was promptly kicked out due to a long-standing rule in which fans are prohibited from interfering with a fair ball.


As you can tell by the clip, the girl immediately knows what her significant other did and hangs her head in shame. But when she sees her guy is getting booted from the game, she uses her hoodie in an attempt to hide her face and follows him out.

So it got us to thinking: If your significant other was kicked out of a game, would you follow or stay to watch the rest of it solo?

During Helmets and Heels, we tackled this topic and when we polled Twitter, the votes were pretty even:

In this particular situation, I believe she did the right thing by leaving with her guy. You came to the game with him and if he makes a dumb mistake, you should still leave with him.

But if he’s getting piss-drunk and starting fights? Boy, bye. Here’s $20 for an Uber because I’m watching the game and I’ll see you at home.

However, where it gets a little interesting is if the roles were reversed and SHE was kicked out and the guy didn’t follow, would WWIII break out? You bet your ass it would.

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