Drunk Alter-Ego: The Struggle of my Sanity

*DISCLAIMER* I get hammered with only the best of friends, who keep me safe and with them at all times. Even if we're all sh*tfaced, there's always someone playing parent and I'm always in good hands. But with that said, I should now let you know that I tend to...

After you get dumped, the Quarter Life Crisis becomes very real

So let's talk about birthdays. We all have them. After a certain age, we all dread them. Welcome to my Quarter Life Crisis. This birthday of mine was particularly dreadful. I turned 25 this year. To some of you, I may still seem like a child. To others, perhaps I look...

Films starring women to watch instead of films with Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck has been getting a lot of press lately, and not necessarily for the greatest of reasons. While critics and award shows are giving him accolades and praise for his recent performance in Manchester by the Sea, many of the rest of us are looking on, incredulous and asking, “Really?”

NFL Conference Championship games, new Power Rangers movie, Game of Thrones szn 6 recap

We only have three more football games left in the 2016 season. Let’s preview the AFC and NFC championship games, talk commercials during games, weird internet stories, new trailers for ‘Logan’ and another Power Rangers movie. Plus, I watched all 6 seasons of Game of Thrones in 17 days. Be sure to check out the end of the show where I talk about what a ride it’s been!