What is a GuysGirl?

We enjoy things typically thought as just “for the guys.” A hotdog at a baseball game, a cold beer while tailgating, Star Wars marathons, fishing trips, Super Nintendo games.

But we also love Disney princesses. Game day fashion. Makeup. Girl’s nights. Nutella. Questionably classy behavior. And the ladies that aren’t afraid to own it.

Is this site for girls only?

Absolutely not. While we may feature stories on female fans, Disney or how to make your own game day clothes, most of our articles are gender neutral.

Provided you don’t mind the occasional crude joke, drinking or mild cursing, you will fancy us just fine.

What do you do for the ladies?

From documenting and hosting our own “make your cute sports clothes” parties, spending months devoted to our cosplay fascination, to showing off the hot men in uniform, we have a lot of fun on the site but we are most passionate about seeing the fellow GuysGirls out there.

There are girls from all walks of life who enjoy traditionally “guy” things but love being a girl.

This is your site devoted to you and if you are just like us, we want to know about it.

How can we work together?

GuysGirl and our parent company GuysGirl Media are always looking for talent. If you have the talent of a writer, editor, designer, coder or overall badass, we want to hear from you .

Or if you’re interested in advertising with us, give us a buzz and let’s get the conversation started.

If you’d like to avoid contact forms all together, shoot us an email instead.