A League of Their Own is highest grossing baseball movie

A League of Their Own is the highest grossing baseball movie of all time

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In a recent top 50 Sports Movie Factoids released by Sports Illustrated, it was revealed  A League of Their Own is the most successful baseball movie of all time.

Not Major League, Field of Dreams or even the more recent Moneyball.

But the movie about a women-only baseball team starring the likes of Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Rosie O’Donnell and Madonna has grossed over $107M worldwide with the next closest movie (Moneyball) earning about $75M.

Before Rosie and Madonna were insufferable, classic scenes like these captured the hearts of softball players everywhere and women in general:

Leave it to the women of this world to keep baseball alive in this country during a World War and because of it, have a movie made about their playing time turn into the MOST successful baseball movie of all time.

And just because, here area few of my personal favs from the movie…

H/T Sports Illustrated

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