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Cute hairstyles to rock at a baseball game

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Along with other sporting events, baseball games are usually played outdoors in Mother Nature’s elements. So if you plan on spending a day outdoors to catch a game, your hairstyle should reflect the environment you’re going to spending 3+ hours in but also a hairstyle that’s also easy going and hassle free.

Let’s take a look at some of the cutest (and plausible) hairstyles to rock at a baseball game…

Straight Hair

Nothing beats casual straight hair at a baseball game. It’s stress free and works perfectly with a jersey or t-shirt.

baseball game straight hair ideas

Baseball hat

Never underestimate the power of a baseball hat. And not those garbage 50/50 hats but a real baseball hat. At a hot baseball game, the volume of your hair is the first to go. To avoid hair that falls flat, let your hair freely hang by throwing on a cap or you can always put your hair into a quick braid or ponytail.

baseball hat hairstyles for game


I’m a big fan of headbands and barrettes. You can wear your hair as you naturally do all the time but being able to dress it up with your favorite team’s emblem is a huge plus. That’s where headbands and barrettes come in. If you don’t see any you like, these are pretty simple to make by picking up a few items at a local craft store that color cordinate with your favorite team.
baseball headband barrette


With the discovery of Pinterest, I have a whole new respect for braids. From fishtail to waterfall and even back to the classic simple braid, nothing is easier to maintain at a baseball game than a braid. Plus, you can get the added bonus of beautiful waves should you want to hit up a bar or friend’s house after the game.

baseball braid hairstyle

Classic Ponytail

The ponytail is probably the most underrated hairstyle for any sporting events. Trouble is, sometimes, we like to glam up even the simplest of hairstyles to make it our own. The video below shows how to put your own spin on different ponytail hairstyles with a baseball hat. (fat forward to 1:30 mark to skip the intro)


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