Meat Shot Glasses

Meat Shot Glasses: Drink That Bloody Mary in Style

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by •November 20, 2012 •Entertainment, HumorComments (0)280

Meat Shot Glasses

Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of the holidays is getting a little sloshed with the family before noon. And one of the best drinks of choice for that, is a Bloody Mary. But this year, you can have your favorite drink before noon in a shot glass made of meat.

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ManBQue created the Meat Shot Glass to go along with their homemade bacon flavored vodka (hungry yet?) and the response for the shot glasses was so great, they actually had to write another article solely for the recipe. And essentially all it is, is just a meatball cooked around a stainless steel shot glass.

Head on over to ManBQue to get the recipe and let us know if you try this out this holiday season!

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