PS4 Concept Art

PS4 Rumor Round Up: New Controllers, Concept Art and What to Expect on February 20th Announcement

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PS4 Concept Art

Sony has been denying the rumor of a new console since the PS3 was released. But it has been only recently that the gaming giant has aggressively stopped denying those rumors and instead have pointed to a press conference that will occur on February 20th.

Since the cat is pretty much out of the bag about it, rumors have been swirling left and right from all kinds of “sources” and concept art of the new system and controller are flooding the web. Though no one can confirm a Christmas release date or a possible $400 price tag, what is pretty certain is that a new controller will make an appearance.

As a loyal PS user, I hate the idea of replacing my beloved controller, I do however like the idea of one rumor that says the PS4 controller will include a LCD screen similar to the PS Vita or a smaller Wii U.

Think of how much time you will save when you just merely glance down while playing to check your available weapons or see where your objectives are on a map.

Another certainly the PS4 will have is that you will no longer be able to play used games on the console. Which might be a bummer to think about but profits are notoriously low on video game sales (around 3%) and the people who just sell the games (ahem…Gamestop) are the ones gaining all the profits based off used games sales that the developer/publisher spent the money to make.

Essentially if the publisher is gaining all the profits, they will be the ones determining the pricing of a game, can fluctuate it based on demand and still get the profits from those sales that would otherwise go to used game stores. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that if the money stays within the company, they will in be able to afford to keep churning out great games which is great for all of us in the long run.

Besides the controller and used game capability, there are more tech rumors that YouTube’s The Unexceptional Gamer discusses below in a pretty thorough roundup….


Sony PS4 Concept Art

Absolutely none of these are confirmed. But it’s certainly fun to think about the possibilities….

PS4 Concept Art



ps4 concept art



ps4 controller 4



ps4 concept art 4


PS4 Concept Art



So what do you guys think about the new console rumored from Sony? Are you ready to make the switch?

















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6 Responses to PS4 Rumor Round Up: New Controllers, Concept Art and What to Expect on February 20th Announcement

  1. Hope Blackburn says:

    I think they’re releasing too soon. The ps3 has only been out like two or three years..

  2. Guys Girl says:

    PS3 was actually released in 2006. I don’t think Sony wanted to come out with as soon as this year but their hands were tied because the game publishers have publically stated they have hit the “maximum potential” of the graphics of the PS3.

  3. Hope Blackburn says:

    That and they can’t let Xbox show them up by releasing the 720.

  4. Hope Blackburn says:

    Don’t get me wrong.. I was a ps fan, until they release ps3 before it was ready to come out just to beat Xbox to the punch.. I think they’re making the same mistake they made back then now.. I returned my ps3 for the 360 and am happy I did so. Never ps again for me!

  5. Guys Girl says:

    I have both and have always preferred the PS to Xbox because my Xbox failed twice. I’m excited to see what Sony has in store because they are taking the new/creative games approach and Msoft seems to be leaning towards a family entertainment/movie console. But I’m excited to see both platforms. Competition makes both companies better and works out for all of us fans!

  6. Hope Blackburn says:

    My Xbox gave me the red ring of death once. It was past its warranty and Xbox fixed it for free still and paid for shipping both ways.. PS3 didn’t do that for me. Kept telling me to do a hard boot on it. So, I took it back to the store and traded it in for Xbox and have never looked back. Xbox has a lot better service, that’s for sure.. I have two Xbox 360’s in my house now and can’t wait for 720!! But to each his/her own.. Either way, we still have fun! Right?

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