The Simpsons is one of television history’s most beloved shows, keeping audiences laughing for 25 years now, and still going strong after 565 shows and 26 seasons.

We all have our top Simpsons episodes but you can see our five picks on the list below.

1. Springfield – 1993 (season 5, episode 10)

This episode sees casino games, similar to those that can be played on , come to Springfield, as Mr Burns builds the town’s first casino.

The transformation of Burns into Howard Hughes is very funny, Robert Goulet guest stars as himself, and for once it is Marge not Homer that loses the plot.

2. Duffless – 1993 (season 4, episode 16)

This one sees Homer reluctantly acceding to Marge’s request that he go a month without touching his beloved Duff Beer.

Of course as soon as the month starts, Duff seems to be everywhere, but also shows a side of Homer that is willing to make sacrifices for Marge.

3. Rosebud – 1993 (season 5, episode 4)

This episode is a pitch perfect pastiche of Citizen Kane as billionaire Burns finds his childhood teddy bear (and childhood) is the one thing he can’t buy back – despite trying to blackmail Springfield by cutting off their supplies of TV and beer.

Plus, you get the Ramones as guest stars.

4. Homer’s Barbershop Quartet – 1993 (season 5, episode 1)

This is a spoof of the Beatles story to match the Rutles, as Homer puts together a barbershop quartet.

Poking fun at everything from the ‘bigger than Jesus’ scandal to the rooftop gig; it also features a brief appearance by George Harrison.

5. Lemon of Troy – 1995 (season 6, episode 24)

Centering on the rivalry between Springfield and Shelbyville, this one has Homer, Bart braving the streets of the latter town to retrieve Springfield’s stolen lemon tree. Giving us info about the formation of both towns and plenty of fun comedy, it’s another classic Simpsons half hour.

The Simpsons seems set fair to reign on television screens for some time to come yet, and this is great news for the show’s legion of fans.