10 Halloween Movies That Will Still Give You Nightmares

In the tradition of my Christmas Movies For People Who Hate Christmas and Infinite Sports Movie Playlist comes my latest collection just in time for Halloween:  my all time 10 favorite horror movies.

Like any list, this one is completely subjective, and there are only a few rules I followed.  I limited my selections to what I consider true horror movies, so no Jaws which is an adventure drama, no Silence of the Lambs or Se7en which are psychological crime thrillers, no Terminator which is straight science fiction, and no straight spoofs like Young Frankenstein.

Also, when possible, included movies that truly scared me when I saw them, however, if I had ONLY included movies like that they would have all been from my childhood, so I did include horror movies where I was much more entertained than scared.  Finally, although my other lists are in random order, this one is roughly bottom to top, so the last movie on the list is my all time favorite.

Hopefully, I’ve come up with a good selection of scare flicks that you can watch while stuffing your face with candy apples and fun size candy bars.  Happy Halloween!


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