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Is the NFC East the unwinnable division?

For a while on Sunday, it seemed fairly easy. The New York Giants were rebounding after a tough less against the Dallas Cowboys, but they would right the ship. The Philadelphia Eagles were putrid, and even a close observer like me (as an Eagles fan, can there any more close observer?) who had said the team was overrated was quickly readjusting my expectations. “This team isn’t even good enough to go .500,” I said to myself. But then it all fell apart. For the second week in a row, the Giants blew a double digit lead, and set a...

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What We Learned After the NFL Divisional Playoff Round

Oh, NFL, you guys really are getting what you deserve.  For the second week in a row, the play of the weekend was not any of the fine football on display but yet another controversial  official’s call, this time the one ruling that Dez Bryant’s amazing acrobatic catch was not a catch. And this time, the fault is solely on the league. This rule first came to most folks’ attention opening day a few years back when an amazing acrobatic catch by the Lions’ Calvin Johnson was ruled not a catch and a touchdown negated.  The ensuing analysis revealed...

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Love It or Hate It: Tony Romo Has Earned Your Respect

The Dallas Cowboys just confounded the NFL.  They handed Russell Wilson just his second loss at home in his career.  Ahem.  In his freaking career.  That’s how good Seattle is in Seattle.  That’s how hard it is to beat them. So how did the Cowboys do it?  They must have been perfect.  Here’s a little secret:  they weren’t. For starters, Dallas lost the turnover battle.  That’s right.  They lost two fumbles and only had one takeaway in the game, courtesy of a Wilson interception.  So they beat Seattle in Seattle and they were minus 1 in giveaway/takeaway. They also...

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Romo Chokes Again. This and Other NFL Random Thoughts

Poor Tony Romo.  He has been labeled a choke artist for a long time now and probably nothing short of a Super Bowl will lose that moniker for him.  I’d looked at his numbers in the past and concluded that Romo wasn’t really that much more choke-y than a lot of players, but Sunday’s debacle against the Redskins, in which Romo threw three picks including the one that put the nail in the Cowboys’ coffin will only make the label stick harder in the future. Sorry, Tony, but this time you deserve it.  In the biggest game of the...

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