Should the NFL hire full-time clock managers?

Is it time for the Kansas City Chiefs (and a good number of other NFL teams, trust me) to hire an assistant coach whose lone duty is clock management? Andy Reid has been an NFL coach for longer than some of you reading this have been alive, and he can’t manage the clock to save his life to this day.  And he’s not alone. Despite this, Reid continues to bungle end of game strategy, in this instance costing the Chiefs a chance at tying their Divisional Round game against the Patriots, back in 2004, costing the Eagles a similar...

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If we could pick the NFL Dream Team, these guys make the list

With the Superbowl right around the corner, we close out the 2015 NFL regular season awards the ‘All-Lazlo’ Team way.  To highlight and pay homage to the NFL regular season awards, John Madden would pick a roster of guys who played the game “his way” affectionately becoming known as the All-Madden Team. Building off a similar motto, during the past few years, (check out 2014’s roster here,) I’ve selected the guys who piqued my interest over the NFL regular seasons and the hallowed All-Lazlo Team was born. To uphold tradition, in some cases, those spotlighted on the All-Lazlo Team will be the guys who had the best year,...

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Will Patriots Stay Undefeated? NFL Week 11 Betting Odds and Preview

I’m in an all-out slump, although I seriously doubt too many people had good weeks last week given the plethora of upsets we saw.  For my part, I think the upcoming portion of the schedule will be about identifying whether unexpected results are part of an overall trend or just isolated incidents. Remember, there’s little value to identifying a trend before it starts, and it entails plenty of risk.  Jumping on the bandwagon once it’s rolling will get you the wins you want with a lot less risk. You just have to know when it’s over. Consider, for example,...

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Tom Brady reaches 400-touchdown pass milestone

With the New England Patriots offseason full of DeflateGate and drama, it was unclear if Tom Brady would even be making an appearance in their first four games. Would Jimmy Garoppolo take over the first quarter of the season? How would the New England Patriots fare? Would the rest of the AFC East have a four-game head start. Through the first three weeks of the season, that obviously hasn’t been the case. Brady ended up winning his appeal, allowing him to be able to play in the first four games of the season. Before the 4 games could come, Brady...

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Deflategate is an internal power struggle between NFL owners

You’ve likely heard about the biggest NFL offseason story in the mess surrounding DeflateGate. But as this “investigation” into deflated footballs has lingered for  eight months one of the biggest questions has been why would the NFL do this to their star franchise and one of its best players? Perhaps this all boils down to an internal power struggle between the league’s most powerful men — the owners. Back in July, Patriots owner Robert Kraft came out with a strong statement against the league because of the punishment of Tom Brady. Many assumed Kraft struck a deal with the...

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