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Why the Arizona Cardinals could beat the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are the best team in the NFC, right?  They’re undefeated, Cam Newton’s a great leader, their defense is tough… But not so fast. I’m not talking about the idiotic point spread on the Cowboys’ game (more on that below), I’m talking about the Arizona Cardinals, who might not be undefeated, but who would absolutely give Carolina a run for their money if they played, and for my money, would win that game. The Cardinals’ Carson Palmer (who just got some long awaited revenge on his old team – remember how petty THAT dispute got?) is having...

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The best NFL quotes and more from Week 3

The Indianapolis Colts narrowly escaped with their lives this week, but that hardly means their problems are solved. First off, they barely beat a Tennessee team that is still an NFL also-ran at this point.  In the process, Andrew Luck threw two more interceptions, and at this rate, he is going to drop right out of the “elite” quarterback club and back into the “jury’s still out” holding pattern.  Their offensive line stinks:  Luck was sacked three more times.  And although Frank Gore had a decent day, Andre Johnson was invisible, further indicating that the obsession with skill players...

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Rookie NFL QB’s: 5 Arguments Of Whether To Start Or Sit

Week 1 came and went, and not surprisingly (to me, anyway) Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel and Teddy Bridgewater all spent the day on the bench watching.  Derek Carr played, and put up a competent stat line that anyone would take one look at and say “game manager,” because that’s what you ask a rookie starting week 1 to do. And thus rages the controversy of whether rookie QBs should start right away or sit and learn. Is there a right answer to this question?  ABSOLUTELY NOT! I could bludgeon you with examples on both sides of the argument. There...

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The GuysGirl 2014 NFL Mock Draft

One thing you have to really like about this year’s draft is that nothing is certain.  There has been plenty of speculation about the myriad of teams in the top 10 who need quarterbacks, but the top three QBs available aren’t appreciably better than the next three, while there are some real potential impact players available at other positions like defensive line, wide receiver and linebacker.  Hence all the speculation, and the run rampant draft stock of some of the QBs. Have you been keeping up with your history by watching the NFL Network’s excellent show Caught In The Draft.  That program has certainly whetted my appetite for the upcoming fun.  And it reinforces the notion that although the draft starts Thursday May 8, it probably won’t end, not really, until sometime in the middle of the 2016-2017 season, maybe even later than that.  Let’s see what we’ve got here, shall we?   1.  HOUSTON TEXANS:  JADEVEON CLOWNEY, DE, SOUTH CAROLINA (6’5”, 266 lbs., 4.51) Yeah, yeah, yeah, Houston desperately needs a quarterback, but like I said, the impact players available at the top of this draft don’t play quarterback, and it’s possible one of the top 3 will still be available when Houston picks first in the second round.  If not, there are at least 3 or 4 QB prospects who could wind up being just as good...

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Can Louisville go all the way, or will someone ground the Cards?

No conference epitomizes conference realignment and its effects on the collegiate landscape more than the American Athletic Conference, formerly known as the Big East. Off the field, it has been a bit of a nightmare for the former Big East. Syracuse and Pittsburgh are now in the ACC, and Louisville will be joining them next year. Rutgers bolted to the Big 10, and Notre Dame–a non-football member–is taking its other sports to the ACC as well. Boise State and San Diego State had second thoughts and opted to stay in the Mountain West. Another blow came when the non-football...

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