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Jeff Fisher fired, Lane Kiffin to FAU and Star Wars Rogue One preview on the latest ‘GuysGirl Show’

Well it finally happened. Jeff Fisher was fired from the Rams and Lane Kiffin got another head coaching job and is headed to FAU. Learn why Jeff Fisher’s time was cut shorter than “expected” and why Kiffin’s new gig is actually good news. PLUS IT’S NEW STAR WARS MOVIE WEEK. Let’s preview the new addition to the fam, Rogue One, which hits theaters on Thursday.

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Why I Used to Hate Star Wars

I grew up a stereotypical nerd. I wore glasses, obsessed over boy-bands and loved cartoons. But adding Star Wars to my fandom felt forced, so I avoided it. Until recently when I gave in and realized how wrong I was. Here’s why I used to hate Star Wars… I have a confession to make… For as long as I can remember, I had the mindset that Star Wars just wasn’t for me. I didn’t have a solid reason as it was more personal than anything.  But I wanted to avoid adding to my nerd stigma that seemed like it...

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