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Watch Michael Bradley score an equalizer against Panama

The United States men’s national team was lackluster in their opening three group matches of the 2015 Gold Cup. They squeaked by Honduras and Haiti, and then drew a 1-1 tie against an underperforming Panama team.

(At least we now have the quarterfinals to look forward to!)

But they went undefeated through three matches with head coach Jurgen Klinsmann experimenting with the roster through all three games. However, one fixture on the U.S. team was Michael Bradley, who played every minute of every match, and was rewarded for being in the right place at the right time with an equalizer on Monday night against Panama.

In the 55th minute, with the U.S. trailing 1-0, Alejandro Bedoya delivered a beautiful cross to Michael Bradley who finished it with simplicity and accuracy.

The next match for the U.S. men’s national team will be Saturday, July 18th at 5pm EST. The opponent will be decided on Tuesday night.

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How MLS can keep growing the league’s popularity

We all know that Steven Gerrard will be playing for the LA Galaxy after this summer. We are also fairly certain that Frank Lampard will be turning out for New York City. Although, if he carries on performing like he is, Manchester City may try and persuade him otherwise. Throw in David Villa and you have three massive names in the world of soccer going to the USA.

Combine these three stalwarts of the game with the increased popularity of soccer following USA’s successful 2014 World Cup showing and it is a massive year ahead for the MLS.

Soccer in the States has been knocking on the door now for some time, but it is yet to truly open. This year soccer needs to smash that door down and truly establish itself as a viable sport in America. It is not going to be easy, but there are numerous steps to bolster soccer’s standing.


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What would happen if an American coached a soccer team in London?

Soccer, aka the “real” football, is always made fun of in the states for being less of a “man’s” game.

But in one of the funnier videos you’ll see today, NBC uses Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso in a new commercial to promote the Premiere League making it’s way to the network.

And it’s brilliant.

Coach Lasso clearly has no idea the basic fundamentals of football in London and uses hilarious lines like “ties and no playoffs? Why do you even do this?” and “how many countries are in this country?”.

With the Premier League moving to NBC and soccer (football) increasing in popularity day after day here in the States, let’s hope this is the first of many of these kind of commercials to come.


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